Total Defense Essential Oil, the 3 in 1 solution for 2020!

Everybody is looking after things and products that could help them in this tough time. We can surely use a separate sanitizer and a separate immunity increasing product but what if we get all these in one single bottle. Also, not just sanitizing ourselves but to keep the surface around us clean, is very important. So here we bring you this 3 in 1 solution that sanitizes your body, the surfaces and boosts your immunity as well. Let’s look at this virus beating essential oil blend for immunity, the product is Total Defense Immunity Blend.

Let’s get more into Total Defense Immunity Blend:

Total Defense Immunity Blend is a blend of all-natural nutrients such as clove, lime, rosemary, pepper and spearmints, lemon, oregano, and eucalyptus. It is a total defense against this virus. It saves you from many environmental harms and threats especially at this time of international emergency. By diffusing in air, it revitalizes it and the aroma gets spread in the entire room or surrounding. It has all the natural and essential oils inside. It not just only boosts up your immunity but altogether sanitizes you and your place too. It can be used in three different ways for the entire house.

How does it claim to be a 3 in 1 product?

Total Defense Immunity Blend works in 3 different ways:

  • Application on the skin- with the help of diluted roll-on present in the bottle, you apply the oil all over the body. It will do 2 things together. It will get absorbed in your skin which will work on your immunity and also disinfect your skin if it comes in contact with any germ.
  • Clean your floors with oil- When you apply the oil on floors and surfaces, it works as a toxin-free cleaner. It protects your home against any kind of viral infection.
  • Diffusion in the air- Diffuse the oil in the air and it will act as a barrier in the home. When you inhale it, it gets into your immune system and enhances immunity. It gives you great senses also.

Benefits you can expect from the Total Defense Immunity Blend:

  • Sanitized body by the simple application of a natural blend of oil. 
  • Clean and disinfected surfaces to lean on. After cleaning with the Defense Blend, your surfaces become clean and safe to come in contact with.
  • Acts as a disinfectant in Room and purifies the air inside it.
  • Enhanced immunity by inhaling the diffused oil and by applying it on skin.
  • No side effects expected to be caused.
  • Keeps complete care of the health and life of the entire family.
  • Gives you relaxed sleep at night.

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Customer’s Testimonials:

  • Mason says- “I was looking for something like this that could work out in many ways for me. Now, this total Defense Blend works not only for me but for the entire family of mine. I am now relaxed and feeling safe. May we survive through this virus bravely” 
  • Tina says- “I bought 2 bottles for my family. I apply the oil on my kids’ body each time when they leave the house. I started using it for cleaning purposes as well. I am going to the 3rd bottle now as I am really satisfied with its results.”
  • Wyatt says- “This product is like no other. I am just amazed by its results. It does what it says. I recommended this to my friends and rellies too. It is the need of the hour. Everybody should buy this.”

How to order Total Defense Immunity Blend in Canada & USA?

It is very simple and easy to place an order for an immunity blend of natural oils. Just need to fill in the available from on the official website of the manufacturer. Some contact details and delivery locations are asked in that form. Your details shall be kept secured. After this, make the payment and start counting days. Within a reasonable period of days, it shall be delivered. This Total Defense Immunity Blend available for sale only in the Canada & USA.