Are superfoods supplements a good way to improve your health?

Your health should be the most important thing in the world for you. You need to preserve it so you could function and live long years to enjoy all your accomplishments. Sometimes this thing is impossible to achieve. You could become ill of numerous things due to external factors that you cannot control. In this article we look at how superfoods supplement can improve your health.

In addition, the classic medical treatments might not function or if they do, they also come with a multitude of side effects. These days it seems to be a trend of consuming superfoods and find your cure in nature.

Because people are more and more interested in how they could regain their health through natural ways, you can find a multitude of supplements manufactured only from natural ingredients on the market, no matter if you are looking on the online websites or in the classic brick and stone shops.

In the following rows of this article, I will give some details about a certain product found on If it is what its manufacturer claims it is, you are about to discover if you continue your reading.

Living Green Supreme Food

What is this superfoods supplement so highly promoted on It is a supplement manufactured by Devine Health and it is the discovery of Dr. Don Colbert. The main purpose of this supplement is to detoxify your body in a natural way.

Besides detoxifying your body, you will also have a better immune system and your entire body will be more energized. All the ingredients of this product are organic fermented. The manufacturer says that the ingredients are fruits, vegetables, silymarin, stevia and other grasses. All these ingredients are transformed into a powder with great properties for your body and its taste will not bother you at all.

Before deciding if this product really is what it claims to be, you might want to know more details about its creator, namely Don Colbert. Is he a real doctor? Yes, he is a doctor and with a wide experience actually.

He is the owner of Divine Health Company. His main interest is on nutritional therapy, which includes homeotherapy. On this company website, he sells a multitude of natural superfoods supplements meant to heal various health disorders and illnesses.

Is this product efficient?

Considering its ingredients, namely a wide number of phytonutrients, its seems it should fight against many diseases such as blood pressure issues, heart diseases and due to its and due to the properties of these ingredients which should detox your body, this product might help you a lot.

The main problem is that nobody is mentioning exactly the ingredients of this product. Everything is general. We know that it contains fermented vegetables and fruits but we do not know exactly what. The product is sold as a powerful body-detoxifying product, but how and what makes it this way we do not know because it is not written on the label.

Besides that, it does not seem to do more than other types of products should do, such as probiotics. So why should we buy this product instead of others products that might be even more affordable. We cannot be sure that this one is better than others are.

No side effects of superfoods supplements?

As I already said, the product has no ingredients written on the label. All you can see is a general presentation and a quite effective commercial. You will not be able to find too many details about the product on the official website either. It was quite difficult for me to find any reviews about the product, good or bad.

What you should be aware of is that you should not take any type of supplement without a medical advice first. You also should stop thinking that you will be able to find a natural supplement that could cure dreadful diseases in an instant.

Yes, natural supplements could help the allopath treatments, they could help you prevent the appearance of certain illnesses but to cure cancer…this is just a bad joke on my opinion. What I have find out during my research regarding this product is that after several products were tested in specialized labs, many of them were listed as not approved due to their content. If you want me to be more specific, it seems that they contained too much arsenic and lead.

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The official website offers a few discounts and special offers. They have three options available for you. If you decide to buy juts a single bottle, you will have to pay around $ 47. If you buy three bottles, you might have to pay $ 97 and if you buy five bottles, you will pay just $ 142.

These superfoods powders are quite popular these days. Many companies manufacture such products at various prices, and the bottles are labelled properly as well. This means that you have where to choose from.